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Ioannis spatharakis

Byzantine Wall Paintings of Crete

Vol. IV: Agios Basileios Province


This book contains 554 illustrations in full colour, most of them published here for the first time. They mainly come from c. 30 churches from Agios Basileios Province province, examined in this publication. After a short description of the architecture, the author investigates the iconographic programme, iconography, style and date of every church. A ground plan with the layout of the paintings recorded on it and a list of subjects decorating each church are included for most of the churches. A chapter of conclusions summarises the iconographic programme and the iconography of the various scenes and saints of the entire province. Special attention is always paid to the particularities appearing in every part of this study.

The wall paintings of Agios Basileios province greatly contribute to our knowledge of Byzantine art, not only with rare and singular subjects but also with the artistic quality of the paintings; which occasionally can be compared to that seen in Constantinople and other great artistic centres of Byzantium.

The author is already known from his Portrait in Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts and several other publications on Byzantine art, among which Cretan wall paintings.

CONTENTS: Foreword, Introduction, Churches 1-29 (1. Agia Pelagia, St. Anthony. 2. Agios Basileios, St. Basil. 3. Agios Ioannis, Saviour. 4. Akoumia, Saviour. 5. Asomatos, St. John the Baptist. 6. Diblochori, Panagia. 7. Drymiskos, Panagia. 8. Drymiskos, St. Constantine. 9. Karines, St. George. 10. Kerame, St. John the Evangelist. 11. Kissos, Panagia. 12. Kissos, Saviour. 13. Kissos, St. John the Evangelist. 14. Koxare, St. George. 15. Lampini, Panagia. 16. Lampini, St. George. 17. Melampes, St. George. 18. Melampes, St. Paraskevi. 19. Mourne, St. George. 20. Mourne, St Irene. 21. Mourne, St. Marina. 22. Myrthios, Saviour. 23. Orne, Archangel Michael. 24. Preveli, St. George. 25. Preveli, St. Photini. 26. Spili, Saviour. 27. Spili, St. George. 28. Spili, St. Theodore and St. Charalampus. 29. Vatos, St. Nicholas), Conclusions, Index, Bibliography, List of Illustrations, Illustrations 1-554.


Bound 24x17 cm., 544 pp. (272 pp. text plus 554 illustrations in full colour).

2009        ISBN 9789490387075                                                                            Price: EUR 250



St. John Chrysostom, Mourne,

St. George, beg. 14th century

Koimesis, Panagia, Drymiskos, 1317/1318 A.D.

St. Helena, Soter (Saviour), Spili,

beg. 14th century